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Holy Priest Batman!

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So I caved.  I rolled my third priest.  This time, it is a Blood Elf named Vellem (US-Burning Blade).  He is only level 13 but I am leveling him with some nice heirloom items (shoulders and mace) and the intent to be a healer.  I am still up in the air between disipline and holy, but we’ll see as I get towards endgame.  I plan to level shadow just to make things easier and hopefully with the shoulders, I will make it to 80 soon.

be-priest1 There he is.  The heirloom shoulders give a 10% experience increase from monster kills, so that is a nice bonus.  Plus, the stats on both the shoulders and mace increase as I level. Heirloom weapons and armor can be purchased with emblems of honor in Dalaran or with stone keeper’s shards in Wintergrasp if your faction owns it.

Well, making a big blog post = less time to level priest, so off I go!  You can catch me in the Ghostlands if you need me!



Written by Nick

February 22, 2009 at 6:07 am

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