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The Lore of Ulduar

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WordPress has this nifty option to let its bloggers check what keywords people searched for when stumbling upon our website.  One of the searches that caught my attention was “The Story Behind Ulduar.”  I thought it would be fun to write an article about the lore of Ulduar, that way, next time someone searches wordpress for something like that, they’ll really find what they were looking for!

Ulduar Map

To fully understand what Ulduar is all about, a little bit of titan lore is needed:

Titans have always existed, and the thing they loved (and still love) to do most was travel the universe and spruce up planets in order for them to support life: both sentient and not so sentient.  They didn’t straight up terraform planets, but rather nurse those that have all the required elements into a better state so that life could exist more comfortably.  Azeroth was one of these target planets, but before the titans even got there, primordial gods waged war and claimed total control of the young planet.  When the titans arrived, they decided it was time for the Old Gods to go, but they couldn’t just kill them and get on with their plan.  Unfortunately for everyone, the fate of the Old Gods was tied directly to the fate of Azeroth itself: they die, the planet dies.  That was something the titans would totally not stand for.  So, the next best thing to do, obviously, was to lock all the Old Gods up inside the planet, never to escape again.  Ulduar was a containment facility for one such Old God.  This Old God was Yogg-Saron, the God of Death, and the Beast of a Thousand Maws.  This facility was guarded by four ‘watchers’.  These watchers were Hodir, Thorim, Freya, and Mimiron.  Above them in command was Thorim’s brother, Loken, who was declared the supreme designate for the Ulduar complex.  With the security set up and the planet nice and cozy, the titans split for another planet…..

Tens of thousands of years past since these events.  Sentient races such as the humans, night elves, dwarves and tauren sprang up all over the planet.  However, the Old Gods never forgot the power they once had, and tried to regain the planet back for themselves in any way they could.  Yogg-Saron was able to secretly influence key moments in Azeroth’s history:  The assassination of King Llane by the half-orc Garona and the forging of the Demon Soul and the utter destruction caused by it through the Black Dragon Aspect (now known as Deathwing).  Yogg-Saron was also able to corrupt the mind of Loken, the master guardsman of the Ulduar complex.  Through time, he was able to manipulate Loken to betray the titan leadership and work exclusively for the Old God.  With Loken in his pocket, Yogg-Saron was able to corrupt the other four watchers.

At the end of Halls of Lightning, adventurers such as yourself square off aganist Loken himself.  When he dies, he tells you that his death heralds the end of the world.  So what exactly does that mean?  Well….the titans knew Yogg-Saron was clever and may try to escape or kill his captors.  It was set up so that Loken’s death would send out an emergency distress call out to the titans.  Pretty much a ‘HEY!  THE HEAD OF YOUR SECURITY IS DEAD AND YOGG-SARON MAY BE ON THE LOOSE!’  The titan response to this message is a messenger named Algalon.  It is his duty to travel to Azeroth and perform a full biopsy of the situation and diagnose the planet’s situation.  He is cold and calculating.  If titan defenses have suffered enough damage and threat of Old God release is significant, he will tell the titans to ‘reoriginate’ the planet.  Read: kill everything and start over.  Well, you like being alive and have to stop algalon’s message at all costs.  Right? RIGHT!

Once you are able to whittle away Algalon’s life within sixty minutes, he will come to his senses and see that, like all cold and calculating characters must at some point, sometimes things that do not compute are worth saving!  He gives you, the advendurers, the Return Code: Alpha.  That is the signal back to the titans that basically says ‘Everything is cool here.  No need to blow up this cute little planet.’  You bring the message to Rhonin in Dalaran and shoot the message from a floating message gun in Dalaran.  Crisis offically averted.

Written by Nick

July 30, 2009 at 5:03 am

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