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On pugging and being ‘carried’

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After writing the previous post and mentioning my DK, I’ve been thinking a little more about the new LFG system and the groups it puts together. Nick and I have a hunch that the groups are selected through some sort of gear score, since it seems like (at least with DPS) there is usually one person doing 3-5k, one doing 2-2.5k, and one in blues and greens doing less than 2k. On occasion, I see people in my guild or in general chat complaining about ‘carrying’ others in heroics or raids. Just to be clear, when a person is being carried it usually implies that they are doing such a small percentage of the damage that they are making little or no impact on the success of the group within the instance or raid.

So when is carrying someone okay? Probably the most important concern is whether the person being carried is causing the group to wipe or keeping the group from completing the instance in a timely manner. For obvious reasons, the former is much clearer cut than the latter. When I’m trying to establish if I should leave a group that is moving slowly, I try to think about the speed at which things are cleared when I come into heroics on less geared alts. That is usually a good benchmark; I’m an okay player even without gear – if these people are worse than that, it might be time to leave. I, honestly, have absolutely no problem carrying other DPS in heroics when I am on my main. I specifically remember when I first got Eau to 80 (back in the days of spamming trade for heroics), I got in on a group that ran about 10 heroics in a chain from a geared guild (which, back then, meant OMG NAXX GEAR, haha). I was so amazed that they all passed on all the blues and purples that I needed so much.

There are times, though, when carrying people doesn’t work out. For example, an undergeared tank or healer often cannot even be carried in a 5 man environment (no amount of pew pew is going to keep you alive, haha). Another place that I consider carrying someone to be ridiculous is in a progression raid. The idea that someone that is being carried in a raid could win a piece of gear over me is irritating, to say the least (this is usually not an issue in our guild 10s since we’re all good friends, but it has come up in 25s occasionally when we merge with other guilds). Raiding is also an environment where healers can be carried, but I think that is just putting unfair strain on the other healers. I don’t feel the same sort of pressure when I am carrying someone else as a DPS.

More generally, it’s pretty pitiful to come into a raid (especially if it’s progression for your guild) without gear, since it’s so easy to pug now and a lot of gear is available either from drops in the new heroics or through emblems (I was able to get Zela, my new-ish 80 rogue to 4k dps in a couple of weeks of running heroics). It’s not that you should be expected to be pulling the top DPS in your guild with heroic gear. It’s that you’ll be doing more damage than the tanks at least (doing less damage than tanks is usually a good benchmark to evaluate if someone is being carried, except if you’re up against a pally tank on AoE groups). Having a lot of emblem gear also shows that you’re a dedicated player and that you’ve played your class/spec for at least a few hours.

Written by Mariana

January 21, 2010 at 5:34 pm

Door Boss

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Trying to do the achievement for fishing up The Lurker Below… Little did I know that there would be an additional super secret boss before him!

Written by Mariana

August 16, 2009 at 5:47 am

Additional Instances cannot be launched.

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Terrible!This picture was taken before patch 3.2, but I think we can all understand the frustration that is going on.  And this wasn’t even in Northrend…IT’S GNOMEREGAN!  I was trying to get some engineering pet recipes that night…and I didn’t get in for over half of an hour.  /sigh /sigh /yawn.

This has gotten even worse since patch 3.2 has hit and emblems of conquest have been dropping from heroics.  On our server (Burning Blade-US), we have had very long waits at the new ‘door boss’ but luckily no raids have been effected.  Other servers have not been so lucky, with these epic door bosses now keeping 10 and 25 member raids from entering Naxxramas.

I’ve already seen plenty of screenshots of chats with GMs.  They are all pretty much the same: some QQ from a player and some ‘we are aware of this problem’ from the GM.  Most players just want some more servers, but the GMs and CMs like to tell us its more work than just inserting a new RAM card into our PCs.  Well, thanks for being specific Blizzard!

Leave a comment about how you’ve been dealing with this problem!

Graduate school or Fool For Love?

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Fool For Love is the Valentine’s Day meta holiday achivement.  The fun thing about this holiday is that it literally lasts for 1 week.  Now, the meta achievement has a lot of achievements in it, along with a mechanic that makes you have to wait around for an hour (think trick or treat, or kissing under the misletoe)

I think it sucks a lot.  This weekend I was in Tucson, Arizona interviewing for a graduate school program.  I was also with my girlfriend (Mariana, the other blogger) celebrating Valentine’s Day irl.  Now i’m sick with a fever and a terrible cough and have a day to do all of the achievements.  I don’t think I’m going to do them as school work comes first, and I’d probably waste my time and get one or two achievements short of the meta achievement.

Frankly Blizzard, give us more than a week to do meta achievements.  Sometimes RL things come up and come before the game.  I’m kind of pissed this sets my holiday meta achievement back a whole year…but whatever, real life comes first.


Written by Nick

February 16, 2009 at 7:01 pm

Wrath of the Lich King, Naxx, Raiding, etc.

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Sorry I have not been updating this blog very often!

My hunter (Arco) is now level 80 and still beast mastery.  She can sustain about 2000-2200dps on heroic bosses.  Thank you Blizzard for making heroics easier to run and more worthwhile; I hated having to farm instances in TBC for heroic keys and having the heroics be too difficult without at least some kara gear.  I think this is a good change.  A lot of little things are fun, like all the random achievements for bosses in instances.  I don’t really keep up with achievements, so it’s always funny when we down something and I randomly see that I got some points for it!

As of last night, my guild officially full cleared 10-man Naxx.  I haven’t been in there yet, though I have been signing up for the raids ever since they have been put on our php raider site.  There has been some drama in the guild about raid signups.  Apparently, all the people in my guild who liked to heal decided they liked something else better in the expansion (mostly death knights).  So, though we have a lot of DPS and quite a few tanks, we don’t have enough healers for a second Naxx group every week.  I think this will work out eventually as people level up their healer alts/ex-mains (I have my pally, Acalarra, for instance, who is still 70).  There does seem to be some elitism and some people are always getting approved while others are being passed by.  To be honest, this is not really seeming like it’s based on DPS output either; it seems like the core group of people who dinged 80 in the first week or two of the expansion have some sort of priority over others (even though dinging 80 in the first week or two is probably more of a reflection on your free time than ability in the game or in a raid).  It also appears to be easier for officers to get into runs than anyone else.  Who knows…  I would worry about and start bothering people, but I know nothing will come of it and this will all seem stupid when we have Naxx on farm a couple months from now.  Hell, it’ll seem even sillier when Wrath of the Lich King is a year or two old and we’re all so sick of raiding that we’re pulling our hair out (haha, like a month or two ago at the end of TBC).

Personally, I don’t feel like I need to argue with people and I don’t care if I’m there for the guild “firsts”.  Ideally, I would like to be a part of it all, but the last thing I want is to be taken into a raid because I bitched.  Also, if I go in for the third, fourth, fifth, sixth, etc clear, more people will be geared, it’ll be easier, and probably more fun.  Not that I don’t want to be challenged and not that I wasn’t there for every guild first other than Kara in TBC, but why would I complain and piss off all of these high-strung officers just to get no love and a potentially huge repair bill?

Speaking of high strung officers, I don’t get what is going on with the ones in our guild.  Everyone seems so pissed off all the time.  It’s a game, and it’s there to be fun!  My guild isn’t ‘hardcore’, so why are we trying to rush through content?  It seems like everything these days is about downing stuff and max/min-ing everyone to see who is best.  Screw that!  Run with people who are fun!  And if we don’t have enough healers to run stuff, then we just need to sit tight.  It bothers me that the guild is already attempting the next tier of raids after Naxx when we haven’t even gotten people out of greens and blues yet!  What sucks the most is that I feel like people who used to be my friends in my guild are now too into raiding and have lost sight of just being friendly and messing around.  Don’t get me wrong, I am definitely a PVEr and I like to raid as much as the next person, but why treat people like shit over raids?

I’ve been thinking of pulling out one of my characters from guild and joining something else, just to see if a different dynamic is for me.  I have spoken to other people who have multiple characters and have done this before and they say that there is a great potential for animosity…  Who knows.  I guess I’ll just wait it out and see what happens.

On a more personal note, I am currently applying to 11 graduate programs (PhD in psychology, to be more specific), and haven’t had too much time to play wow and really explore the expansion.  I have to say, I don’t love any of the zones except for Zul’drak (hey!  I have a soft spot for trolls!).  The questing is alright and you get some pretty good gear from relatively easy and interesting quests that often can be soloed.  Overall, I liked TBC more than Wrath, but maybe I could still change my mind!

Written by Mariana

December 15, 2008 at 11:33 pm