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Additional Instances cannot be launched.

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Terrible!This picture was taken before patch 3.2, but I think we can all understand the frustration that is going on.  And this wasn’t even in Northrend…IT’S GNOMEREGAN!  I was trying to get some engineering pet recipes that night…and I didn’t get in for over half of an hour.  /sigh /sigh /yawn.

This has gotten even worse since patch 3.2 has hit and emblems of conquest have been dropping from heroics.  On our server (Burning Blade-US), we have had very long waits at the new ‘door boss’ but luckily no raids have been effected.  Other servers have not been so lucky, with these epic door bosses now keeping 10 and 25 member raids from entering Naxxramas.

I’ve already seen plenty of screenshots of chats with GMs.  They are all pretty much the same: some QQ from a player and some ‘we are aware of this problem’ from the GM.  Most players just want some more servers, but the GMs and CMs like to tell us its more work than just inserting a new RAM card into our PCs.  Well, thanks for being specific Blizzard!

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Emblem of Heroism Refund

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So, I did something stupid.  I assumed that the mage T7 chest would actually be any good.  Without checking online for stats (and without really looking at it at all), I dropped the 80 badges on the token and proceded through a very laggy Dalaran to purchase the robe.  The stats on this robe were worse than the blue-quality quest piece I wore before!  I mean, c’mon, SPIRIT?!

After getting very irritated with myself and having all those “I’m so stupid!” moments, I started to think about if there was anything I could do.  About 15 minutes after I purchased the piece, I opened a ticket to speak with a GM.  Thankfully, the GM was very understanding.  I didn’t lie about what happened – I simply said something like “I made a mistake and bought this chest piece even though it is not useful to me.  I was wondering if I could have the Emblems refunded so that I could buy items that will make playing more fun for me.”  The ticket was escalated to a GM that deals primarily with issues like this and, in a few days, I received an in-game mail with a nice greeting and the 80 emblems.

The reason I am making this post is so that people know that they don’t have to waste their hard-earned badges if they make a mistake!  I have heard some bad stories about similar situations, but I think the most important thing is to contact a GM early if you make a mistake when purchasing an emblem item.  Since I didn’t wear the piece in any type of game-play situation (i.e. dungeons/heroics/raiding), I can assume that it was clear to the GM that I wasn’t trying to fool them or take advantage of something.