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It has been too long…

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Graduate school barely leaves me time to play WoW, so updating this blog has kind of been put on the back burner. A few things have happened since my last postings:

– I changed my rogue (Zaleria) from a female blood elf to a female orc (now named Zela) and got her to 80. Thanks to the new LFG system, she is now fairly geared and pretty fun to play, though I don’t consider myself to know much about rogue yet.

– Our guild on Burning Blade (War Council) reformed as The Phalanx – still not REALLY sure why, since 95% of us are still in it. I think maybe we just needed a fresh start. Anyway, we have been focusing almost primarily on 10 mans and have downed the first 6 bosses in ICC10 (everything up to Putricide). I’ll post some of the videos below. 🙂

– I am currently leveling my DK, Freon, though I’m not really sure what I want to do with her. I had initially thought I wanted to tank but now I’m having doubts after listening to some of the drama that guildies have gone through gearing tank alts using the LFG (things like kicks for a gear score that is ‘too low’). I guess we’ll see!

Either way, I’m in kind of a strange place at the moment, since I still don’t know how much free time I’ll really have this semester… I hope it’s more than last semester!

Anyway, here are the videos:


Brr! It’s Cold In Here…

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There must be some Death Knight in the atmosphere! oh ee oh ee oh ee…ice ice ice…..

I’ve been waiting to put that down in words for awhile now. Anyway, guess what!
My death knight hit level 80 over the weekend, which means it is now time to rake in the gold and seriously start saving up for that Traveler’s Tundra Mammoth. Must….Have….Personal….Vendors!

Level 80 is nice so far. I dinged in Sholazar Basin, which means I have Storm Peaks, Icecrown and Howling Fjord quests still to do before I can get Loremaster of Northrend. It’ll also bank a fair amount of gold as well.

Today I ran three level 80 instances with some people who used to be in Lux or were on an alt in a different guild. The guild is called Fists of Might and I was invited onto their Ventrillo server for the runs. First we did Culling of Stratholme, then Utguarde Pinnicle, and finally we did the Oculus. They were all pretty good. I didn’t die once, and made out with some nice gold from the quests in each instance. I really like the idea of quest givers for the instance being inside the instance so you have to pick them up before you get going with the killing. Both Culling of Stratholme and Utguarde Pinnicle have quest givers like this.

Also, on a more social stance…I must say the amount of southerns who play on our server is pretty amazing. Now, I don’t know if this branches out to other US servers as well, but damn, the accents I heard over that Ventrillo server were enough to make me never want to look at the bottom half of a US map again! …ill keep my cold winters and good tasting pizza thank you very much…

Other than that, not much is happening. Still iffy about the Lux et Veritas raiding situation, we’ll see what happens with that soon I’m sure.

That’s all folks,
Nick Fox

Written by Nick

December 31, 2008 at 1:52 am

Death Knights AHOY!

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So the expansion is well on its way, and I am leveling my death knight.  Currently, I am level 68.  I took a break from questing so I could level professions.  So far, my skinning is just over 300, mining is around 130, and cooking and fishing are both around 225.

I want to get to northrend, but I also want to make as much money as I can while I am there, so might as well have my professions up to 375 before I set foot on those icy shores.  But I want to get there as soon as possible!

I hope to be an offical pirate sometime this winter break from school.  I figured “Hey, I’m neutral with Booty Bay, so might as well get hated with them!”  Then I can be Grand Admiral Saprophage, death knight/pirate mastermind.  Sounds good right?  I think so.

If you are a death knight and haven’t thought of becoming a pirate, you should go do it!

~Nick Fox

Written by Nick

November 21, 2008 at 6:04 am