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Damn you Retribution Paladins!

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Tonight I did my first battle grounds -EVER- on my mage.  Looking back on it, I’m not really sure why I never ran anything on her, but I think it’s because she was my last 70 in TBC and I was too busy doing stuff with other characters to ever bother with mage PvP.  Plus I’m not a big PvPer to begin with, so it’s an easy thing for me to overlook.

I got several random achievements throughout the night and, appropriately, got made fun of in the my guild for getting stuff like “100 honorable kills”.

We also started a 3v3 arena team tonight (Hover Cat Flies Low).  Though it is a rogue/mage/priest team (zomg op), we are 2-8.  Obviously, we are (1) not wearing any pvp gear, (2) have 0 resilience, (3) total noobs.  It’s okay though, I figure it’s better than 0-10!  Haha.  I changed my second spec to a frost arena/pvp spec and it feels very light and fun after casting those horribly long frostfire bolts for the past few months.

We won most of the battlegrounds tonight – amazing for Horde on our server – and all I have to say is this: why is it that every single retribution paladin that sees my mage has to tear off after me, stun me, and own me?  Just wondering.


Written by Mariana

May 10, 2009 at 7:06 am